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” But, when the grandmother arrived to France to take care of the children, she found herself once again unemployed. Without papers, and a growing debt to pay off, she turned to the sex trade as a last recourse. “I was lucky to work for a good family who treated me well. Arong tells me her experience as a nanny for seven months.

Now, most of the prostitutes in Paris are chinese.

Abolir la prostitution, comme le propose la ministre des Droits

This photo from Ile-de-France, North is titled ‘Prostitute in Paris’.

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He tells me that most street prostitutes working in Paris are migrants from Africa ( mainly Sub-Saharan countries), China, the Balkans and South .

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Paris Prostitution à Strasbourg Saint Denis La filière chinoise. Tellement vrai – PROSTITUTION – Au bord de la prostitution.

Here in Paris, the traditional roles have been reversed—which often breeds animosity and can translate into a lack of empathy for the newly arrived immigrant women. Without a community to support them, and with nannying work that is often de facto indentured servitude, many turn to prostitution to pay down hefty debts and to avoid the shame of returning to China empty-handed. Entrenched regional differences and prejudices have replicated themselves in the host country, says Tim Leicester, the coordinator of the Lotus Bus. He explains that because the northern regions have historically been stronger economically, many of the inhabitants there attended school to at least the age of 16 or even 18, and thus have a higher degree of education. While the majority of the women here come from the north, the established Chinese community in Belleville hails primarily from the south. By contrast, the southerners are often derided by northerners as simple peasants. Without papers, the women are often refused work, even under the table.

She was in the centre of Belleville, Paris’s second largest. About a third of the Chinese prostitutes in Paris arrived within the past year.

The demonstration was organized by the Sex Workers’ Union (STRASS) and the association of Chinese prostitutes “Steel Roses”. The protesters voiced their opposition to the bill that will be discussed on June 12 in the second reading at the Assembly, and should confirm the principle to punish those who use sex services of a sex worker.

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Now, most of the prostitutes in Paris are chinese.

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