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) from the Hoffman family, they pay for it, they don’t want me to show anything. I have to finish in March. Battlefields, the story I’ve been doing for 10 years already, I have no rights to show. They will publish the book next year in September. It’s the same as with women. I have to be a little bit snobbish because it’s part of the game. If she shows everything, nobody is interested. I have a contract with Vera Hoffman (philanthropist, a Swiss publisher – E. But I haven’t finished the job yet. I have 120 battlefields, I need 60 more.

Parisian prostitutes.

Katti Paris, transsexual

By law, they had to be run by a woman (typically a former prostitute) and their external appearance had to be discreet. Prostitutes working in the maisons, or any woman arrested twice for soliciting had to be registered as such. [ 18] Registration involved having their name on a national register, and agreeing to abide by the regulations and twice weekly medical examinations. [ 19] This pattern of regulation rapidly spread throughout Europe, partly aided by the Napoleonic occupations.

D) Stefan Themerson’s Bayamus and the Theatre of Semantic Poetry (1949, revised edition 1965), a novella in which the author replaces certain words with their dictionary definitions. Here, for instance, entering the salon of a brothel, the narrator describes its some of its features:.

‘ I just do what gives me most pleasure: write. In her 1989 essay “A Few Notes on Two of My Books, she recalls one of her earliest pieces, “New York City in 1979,” which combined an account of life on Manhattan’s lower east side life with Baudelaire’s description of his diseased mistress Jeanne Duval. For Acker, textual borrowing was part of an assault on the capitalist system. ” Even if one knows that Acker is copying, it’s hard to tell her sources and where the lines lie between copied and “original” words. K) Kathy Acker’s story “New York City in 1979” (1979). A few years before she died, she heralded the rise of the Internet as a way of challenging the concept of literary ownership which lies behind copyright law. Resisting the “appropriationist” label many tried to give her, Acker commented, in the same essay “When I copy, I don’t ‘appropriate. Taking a cue from William Burroughs, whose books were patched together from his own cut-up manuscripts, Acker wove together her own tales from the punk underworld with all manner of texts.

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Toulouse, en avril 2012, deux prostituées discutent avec un client

The obvious answer is that they were men, but another reason was that prostitution was linked to the idea of modernity. The images they left romanticise the depravity of the age. “It was a subject that interested them. “Every major artist at the time tackled the subject of prostitution in one way or another,” Richard Thomson, Watson Gordon professor of fine art at the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) and a curator of the exhibition, told the Observer. The city was fluid and this excited the artists. People had moved to the city, which was in itself a new concept, where the moral strictures of the village had disappeared.

A former prostitute claimed yesterday – echoing a similar claim made by another ex-prostitute on Tuesday – that she had been subjected to unwilling anal sex by the former IMF chief in a Brussels hotel in 2009. DSK did not deny either incident but said that, in both cases, the sexual act was consensual.

[ 13] The nearby Rue Gratte-Cul (Scratch-bottom) is now the Rue Dussoubs, and the Rue Pute-y-Musse (Whore [who] hides there) the Rue du Petit-Musc by corruption. Penis, later the Rue Tire-Boudin, Pull-Sausage) now Rue Marie-Stuart, in the 2nd arrondissement, near the first Porte Saint-Denis. [ 14] The Rue Baille-Hoë (Give Joy) is now Rue Taillepain in the 4th arondissement near the Porte Saint-Merri. These streets, associated with prostitution, had very evocative if indelicate names including the Rue du Poil-au-con (or hair of the con, from the Latin cunnus meaning female genitalia, hence Street of the Pubic Hair, or Poil du pubis), later altered to the Rue du Pélican, in the 1st arrondissement, near the first Porte Saint-Honoré,[ 12] and the Rue Tire-Vit (Pull-Cock, i. Today this area corresponds to the 1st–4th arrondissements clustered on the Rive Droite (right bank) of the Seine (see map). The “rue Trousse-Nonnain” (fuck nun), later became Trace-Putain, Tasse-Nonnain, and Transnonain; then in 1851 it was amalgamated into the Rue Beaubourg. It is said that Tire-Boudin was a euphemism invented for Mary Queen of Scots when she asked after its name, and the street is now named after her.

Calling cards of Parisian Prostitutes (1925-35) Put onto Altoid boxes and make for desk: staple holder, paper clips, etc | See more about Calling Cards, Parisians  .

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the Bois de Boulogne park, western Paris, a hot-spot for

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